The Glow IV


Anti inflammatory/pain killer 75$ extra charge
Anti nausea 75$ extra charge
Anti inflammatory + Anti nausea = 100$ extra charge
Gluthation push available upon request

Note: Please do not book online without confirming availability over the phone first
Remote distance subject to extra charge, please clarify it over the phone prior to booking

If beauty is only skin-deep, then the importance of skin health goes a lot deeper. Therefore, keeping the skin well-nourished with ample nutrients from the inside out is imperative to allow the skin to GLOW naturally.
The GLOW IV was created to do exactly that; feed the body as many natural ingredients via an IV to penetrate every layer of the skin cells so that they radiate a soft, flawless appearance.

The GLOW IV push also slows down the aging process by quenching the free radicals in your body and enhancing its barrier-fighting abilities.

BENEFITS of Glow IV push include:

  • Brightens and lightens the skin due to its cysteine compound that has been shown to lower melanin production
  • Recycles antioxidants, protecting your cells
  • Important to the immune function, helping fight infection and viruses
  • Boost your everyday performance and stamina
  • Obligatory part of detoxification
  • GLUTATHIONE helps fight free radicals thus preventing cell damage and helping to reverse the signs of aging
    IV is simply lasting about 45minutes to an hour. There is no downtime, so patients can continue with their regular daily routines.
    - High dose of Glutathione Push $350
    - In addition to other treatment $125

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